Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Comic Books Sold By The Panel

Who wants the card of nothing but
Iron Man's hand?
You know, comic book companies just seem to raise prices on comic books all the time. But I think the Avengers Kree-Skull War is going a little bit too far. This story is going to be sold one panel at a time - literally - as collectible trading cards.

The Avengers: Kree Skrull War is made by Upper Deck and will contain a brand-new, original Avengers story. The set contains 190+ cards that make five stories - a 20 page "main" story and four "side" stories. Each page is made up of nine cards. One pack will retail for $2.99 and according to Upper Deck will contain, on average, "four main story cards, two-to-three character cards, one-to-two side story cards and one cover card." So for three bucks you'll get five or six story cards on average. That means, if you wanted to complete all five stories,  you're probably looking at shelling out somewhere over $100! That's one expensive comic!

And you know what? In my hay-day of "gotta have it all" collector mentality, I would have purchased them all. It would have really ticked me off, but I would have purchased them all. Shame on you, Marvel Comics, for exploiting your fans in this way. Instead of doing this why don't you put an electronic code on each card that unlocks exclusive comics online? Nobody wants to pay over $100 for a single comic.

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