Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eclipse Phase - Session 3 Notes

We split the party. Hey, it's the future - technology allows us to break all the rules!
We're in the middle of a murder mystery (who murdered US - we were uploaded to new bodies from our back ups and don't remember the last three months of our lives). We already escaped one virtual reality world we were trapped in only to find that reality is a mess for us as well. Apparently, we "forked" ourselves six years ago and our other selves have been leading secret lives. Now, for some reason, people want to kill us some more.

We had a bunch of leads so half the party went to check on our other selves while the other half broadcast themselves to Saturn to find out what happened when we died there. They were expected, however, and they were given a shuttle with cargo - superhuman versions of ourselves that were designed to stop an alien invasion.

Well then...

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