Saturday, July 23, 2011

Even Gringotts Can't Hold All That Loot

The Harry Potter film franchise is now the all-time high grossing film franchise, passing Star Wars (the only two film franchise that have made over $2 billion). Maybe Star Wars will retake it's throne when the 3D versions of the films are released but HPatDH: P2 keeps churning out the numbers. So far, in one week it has earned $640,000,000 worldwide! IN ONE WEEK! This film will smash one billion (as predicted)... the only question is how much will it make in the end?


  1. While I never been a fan of HP, I certainly appreciate a good story. Before the films, this has been a hugely successful literary series, so naturally its success would translate to the screen as well.

    Not sure if comparing it to SW is fair, considering HP has what? 8 Films to SW's 6 (7 if you count the animated movie.)

    Since I don't follow HP, I am curious to the longevity of HP's success. From what I understand, these 7 novels 8 films is the full HP experience. SW has had continued success between films from ongoing novels, comics, cartoons, video games and rpg's, many of which are considered canonized. Where do the Harry Potter fans go from here?

    AMC, ABCFAMILY, TNT, TBS, A&E FX continually play Star Wars as they are classic films, held in regards as other classics like Willy Wonka, Godfather, Goodfella's, Shawshank Redemption,Titanic, etc. Movies that have stood the test of time, are considered classic, and commercially profitable (hence why they're only seen on commercial tv, and not subscriber television like HBO or SHOwtime).

    Being an avid tv watcher (I have no life) I dont ever recall any HP marathon's or weekend features like the above mentioned movies.

    So what will the fate of HP be. What longevity does it have?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Bill. You're the first to comment at 1LR. I agree with you in principle - HP won't have the legs that SW has simply because Rowling has such a tight hand on those reigns. You see ANY additional materials (comics, RPGs, cartoon) for the HP universe even though they could EASILY be produced. It isn't that HPs world isn't big enough or doesn't have enough history (IT DOES) but the creator won't allow for additional stories to be told in her sandbox, unlike George Lucas.
    Also, you're kind not to mention the difference between 1977 dollars and 2011 dollars. Don't worry - SWs will regain its throne with the 3D editions.