Tuesday, October 9, 2012

31 Days of Zombie Infestation: Day 9 - All Flesh Must Be Eaten

All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Roleplaying and zombies go together like peanut butter and jelly. It's a natural fit.

All Flesh Must Be Eaten provides roleplayers the opportunity to roleplay in a world infected with zombies. One of the things that makes this great is the depth to which it takes traditional zombie lore. You can tell that the creators behind the game really, really love zombies. I would imagine that, as research, they read and viewed just about everything they could get there hands on when it comes to zombies.

First, the zombies themselves have a vast variety among them. Players can't assume that they're stupid shufflers that are highly contagious. Game masters can customize the zombie outbreak in their world. Perhaps zombies retain some of their prior personalities and even memories. Maybe zombies are even intelligent and can problem solve. Or maybe the zombie plague isn't spread by a single scratch but perhaps a zombie must actually kill someone to have them rise from the grave. The various combinations are endless.

Then, also, a diverse selection of "Dead Worlds" are detailed. Tired of the modern-era zombie outbreak survival scenarios? Well, what about feudal Japan? What about a traditional western? What about pirates? Not to mention having the campaign take place at various places in time. Instead of at the onset of the zombie outbreak why not play in a game world twenty years after the zombie outbreak reset the clock?

The rules system is the Classic Unisystem. Character generation is quick and easy using a points system. Combat resolution is simple but gritty.

The end result is a zombie-centric roleplaying game that any zombie fan would love.

All Flesh Must Be Eaten...? Can I have another helping, sir?

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