Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days of Zombie Infestation: Day 3 - Star Wars Death Trooper Statue

Star Wars: Death Trooper Statue
We at 1LR previously informed you about a series of Star Wars novels that had at last unleashed the undead upon the Star Wars universe. At the time of this announcement this was the single coolest thing to come from a galaxy far, far away in a long time. But this statue, inspired by the novel Death Troopers, may just exceed the novels themselves in sheer awesomeness.

The statue is a Gentle Giant Sculpt. I think they got the pose just right. Obviously something has attracted the attention of this Death Trooper but the left arm hanging off at an odd angle speaks to the awkwardness of movement this poor fella must experience. I love that the mouth has been revealed to show just a hint of the zombie beneath the armor... and to make feasting upon human flesh easier!

It's about time horror stories were able to be told in the Star Wars universe! Fans of both zombies and Star Wars - unite behind this monument of brilliance!

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