Saturday, October 27, 2012

31 Days of Zombie Infestation: Day 27 - Zombie Costumes

Zombie Disney Costumes
With Halloween right around the corner this one seems like a no-brainer (joke!).

Zombie costumes are so great for trick-or-treating.

First, they're simple and cheap. A zombie costume could be nothing more than throwing on some "normal" clothes and then putting some fake blood around your mouth. Act zombie-ish and you'll be instantly recognized.

But if you wanted to go the extra mile, you apply the zombie template to a preexisting character. This can be done with almost anything. Zombie Mario and Luigi. Zombie pirates. Zombie princesses. Zombie nurses. Zombie Buzz Lightyear. Zombie Obama and Romney. The possibilities are endless!

So you see, zombie costumes range from ultra-easy to as involved as you wanted it to be. But 1LR awards points to those who go for originality in the concept of the costume, like the clever folks in the picture above with nine zombie Disney characters. How awesome is that! But where are the seven zombie dwarves?

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