Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Days of Zombie Infestation: Day 13 - World Zombie Day!

That's right! Today, October 13th, is World Zombie Day! What do you do on World Zombie Day? Well, dress up like a zombie and go on a zombiewalk, of course! The only gift you could possibly give your fellow zombies on this auspicious occasion is brains! Now, where can you get some brains...

Isn't she just darling?
Another question I have is when wishing someone well on World Zombie Day should you say "Happy" World Zombie Day or "Merry" World Zombie Day? Or are positive terms even appropriate to the theme of the holiday? Or would the intent of the holiday be better suited by simply starring vacantly and shambling around groaning random words such as, "Baaacccooonnn ffferrtttiiilllizzzeerrrr ssssaaaannnndddwwwwiiicccchhh..."

If you're curious about World Zombie Day you can check out the website at!

Either way, to celebrate this, the first day when zombies use the "surge" tactic to take over our world 1LR presents zombie pictures! Enjoy!

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