Monday, October 22, 2012

31 Days of Zombie Infestation: Day 22 - Zombies for Charity

The Littlestown High School senior class will be holding a zombie run this weekend.
zombie run for charity
That's right. When they're not too busy feasting on human flesh, zombies organize themselves for charity. It's about time zombies did something to improve their public image. Have you ever seen the approval numbers of zombies? Let's say they make Obama's numbers look good by comparison.

In the small town of Littlestown, PA (get it - SMALL town), the high school held a zombie run. Half of the money went to the 9/11 first-responders fund, the rest went toward the senior class trip.

For a small entry fee, participants got to run through a woods filled with zombies. Each runner was given three flags (you were able to purchase additional flags). If they reached the other side of the woods with all of their flags they were a survivor.

Apparently those zombies were able to use strategy because they used terrain such as a pond and a bridge to trap their prey.

This seems like a brilliant fundraiser to me. Everyone involved had fun - way more than, say, a car wash where kids scratch your paint job because they're using a sponge that's filled with little pebbles because they dropped it on the ground. Not that that happened to me or anything. Just saying that the zombie run sounds like a much better fundraiser, that's all.

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