Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 Days of Zombie Infestation: Day 20 - Zombie Food Truck

Zombie's Food Truck... truly twisted.
Alright, we've seen some pretty sick stuff in the last twenty days but today's entry in Zombie Infestation is by far the sickest. I mean, whoever thought up this idea is truly twisted.

Everyone knows that zombies feast on human flesh (and pretty much any other type of flesh they can get their hands on). So if you were going to open, let's say, a food truck or a restaurant that was zombie themed what foods would you serve? Meat, meat, meat, right? And if you could serve it literally dripping with blood all the better! Maybe you could even work monkey brains onto the menu as a appetizer.

Not so with Zombie's Food Truck. The owners of this ghastly establishment started a zombie themed food service (which is questionable in and of itself) complete with a zombie logo. What do they serve? Only vegan food. That's right - absolutely no meat! Not even eggs!

Now tell me that's not the absolute scariest thing you've heard in a long time. Frightening!

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