Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days of Zombie Infestation: Day 11 - Marvel Zombies

Marvel Zombies
For a long time, Marvel fans were called "Marvel Zombies" by people who didn't like Marvel. Marvel fans were just so dedicated and outsiders just didn't see the attraction.

Much to Marvel's credit, it took this title and pinned it to it's chest like a prized ribbon. Taking the name literally, they launched an entire new universe that featured zombie versions of all of their most popular characters. The results were frightening. Normal zombies can destroy an entire world... but what about zombies with superpowers? They literally can eat all flesh in an entire universe!

The first few Marvel Zombies series featured classic covers reimagined with Zombies. The idea seemed to be played out to its logical conclusion when literally all life in the zombie Marvel Universe was extinguished. But, as we know, zombies will do anything to satiate the hunger. So, the... er... "heroes" starting jumping to other parallel universes. Things got really interesting when Marvel Zombies showed up in the Marvel Universe 616!

Marvel Zombies is the #2 best thing to happen to zombies in the last ten years. #1 is The Walking Dead, of course. But Marvel Zombies boldly went where no other universe has dared to go and literally turned all of its major characters into zombies, thus breaking new ground for zombie fans everywhere.

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