Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days of Zombie Infestation: Day 31 - The Last Zombie

The Last Zombie
I thought it would only be fitting if we extinguished the Zombie Infestation with the aptly named comic book, "The Last Zombie."

The comic book explores an interesting concept. Often times in zombie literature the focus is on the breakout event. When the zombies hit, what happens? 28 Days Later took a little spin on that and accelerated the clock by 28 days to where the zombies had pretty much overrun everything. The Last Zombie takes the concept one step further in exploring a world where a zombie outbreak occurred and the was repelled. The disease is still out there, waiting to explode again, but it did its damage to the world in the meantime, leaving society in complete disorder.

All of that is just backdrop and backstory for a personal story of overcoming obstacles to survive and perhaps make some human connections as well.

Zombie fans should definitely check this one out.

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