Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Days of Zombie Infestation: Day 17 - Night of the Zombie Goldfish

Night of the Zombie Goldfish
At first, zombies and goldfish may seem like an unusual fit. But, in fact, the easy-reader book "Night of the Zombie Goldfish" for kids is brilliant. After all, a goldfish represents innocence and youth and is completely harmless in every way... exactly the opposite of a zombie. AND goldfish are known for going belly-up without warning. What if those goldfish rose from their watery graves...?

Here's the plot: Two ordinary boys own some very ordinary goldfish. But when a science experiment accidentally gets mixed in with their food, these regular pets start becoming a lot more interesting. With a series of bubbles and pops, the slimy fish start growing and changing. Then they step right out of their tank -- and begin marching towards town.

Now, sure, this is suppose to be a funny book. But with that simple premise the author transforms the very symbol of childhood innocence into an undead threat. Additionally, it begins to introduce little kids to the ideas of zombies. Some of the other picture books we've featured for "Zombie Infestation" have actually been intended for adult audiences but this one is actually intended for kids around the first grade. For many kids this might be the first time there's exposed to zombies. And the sooner they learn about the coming zombie apocalypse, the better.

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