Sunday, September 2, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG: Roar of Triumph

1LR is still bringing you  the best of the all-new cards from Hero's Destiny, the new expansion to the Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG!
Marvel Super Hero Squad
Hero's Destiny:
Roar of Triumph

Road of Triumph has a damage potential of seven, is power level seven and features the Hulk (Gladiator version). This red card has a grey block and after three damage can become a keeper. As a keeper it allows you to heal four if you do four damage with a green attack.

This card combines a good deal of up front damage potential with a kicker of healing later. To my knowledge this is the first card that ties the Hulk's red healing cards together with his brutal green attack cards.

The three damage to make this card a keeper does give me some pause since that makes it half as likely that this card will actually become a keeper. But I think that risk can be managed effectively in a red green Hulk deck like I managed. I'm sure your opponent will have used the red blocks in their hand to stop some of the other devastating red healing cards or keepers with lower power costs than this one. A relentless green power attack will likewise eventually overcome any defense to trigger the four damage requirement to activate the healing.

Playing this card followed with She-Hulk's power level seven card, "Group Hug" would have the potential to do 17 damage and heal four - that's a twenty one card differential.

One of the things I like about this card is it turns almost every green card into a must-block.

Roar of Triumph is perhaps the most aptly named card for the Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG because it will certainly lead to many roars of triumph!

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