Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gaming Notes: Run Out the Guns!

Run Out the Guns!
I recently got to play the RPG Run Out the Guns!. The system it uses can be described as Rolemaster lite.

I played a Stewart. The character generation system is random so, while my original concept was to have a emotionally scarred veteran trying to keep his head down and not attract any attention working as a cook, that didn't turn out and instead my background was a poacher and seaman.

The adventure was already underway when I joined. Wisely, I'm sure, in a prior adventure the party had set sail, captured a ship that had just left the same port, and then brought back that ship to the very same port it had just left from.

Well, of course, this attracted attention from the local authorities. We quickly spun a story that we had found the ship deserted and were bringing it back... to turn over to the authorities, of course. Once the authorities weren't quite satisfied with our story but were willing to let it go if we don't a job for them. We quickly agreed and received a commission to hunt and destroy Dutch ships.

With a narrow escape, we set out on the town. Now, one of the things in Run Out the Guns! is that, if you've been at sea for a certain amount of time, you HAVE to make rolls on vice tables. It could be drinking, gambling, whatever. And rolling better doesn't guarantee a better result - for example, if you've TOO good at gambling, people could think you've cheated and you could end up in a big fight.

Well, let's just say that the game master doesn't really need to write too much of an adventure because your vice rolls alone give him plenty of fuel for the fire. Half the party ended up in jail (again), some of us ended up violating the rules of the ship, others ended up blindly hungover, but I actually won a fair amount of money gambling and walked away no worse for the wear.

After we all recovered from our various states, we limped out of port with our papers in hand, eager to capture some Dutch vessels.

I missed the final installment of this game, but based on their prior experiences I'm SURE it went really, really well. *wink*

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