Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Comic Shop News 25 Years Anniversary!

Comic Shop News - An essential read for comic book fans!
If you're lucky, your friendly local game store carries the free weekly comic newsletter "Comic Shop News." This great newsletter informs comic book fans of all sorts of news from major company initiatives to the death of a beloved creator. It's almost an entirely utilitarian periodical with very little fancy formatting and pictures. Each issue is only eight pages but they pack a lot into those eight pages. Recently they started carrying the Spider-Man newspaper strips (Still written by Stan Lee himself!) then they're a great addition.

Well, ol' CSN celebrated its 25th anniversary recently and 1LR wants to congratulate the folks over at CSN! They haven't missed a single weekly issue in 25 years - what comic book can say that?

If you want to check out the very first issue of CSN, you can do so by heading on over to http://csnsider.com/CSN1.htm.

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