Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gaming Notes: Settlers of Catan #2

The sweetest Catan victory ever?
I've played a lot of games of Settlers of Catan. I mean a LOT. I'd like to think I have a pretty good track record of victory. I particularly like a come-from-behind victory that nobody sees coming.

I've also played a lot of games with the Keystone Gaming Society. I mean a LOT! But, even though we all love Settlers we've never played together. Until the other day, that is. We sat down and played a five player game.

I chose the brown pieces. Since we weren't playing with my set it was nice to play with a complete set of brown pieces for a change.

Anyway, I liked my initial layout. I had a lot of wheat, sheep, and ore with some brick but no wood. In fact, the way the board ended up almost nobody had any wood. At least I wasn't alone in my wood-less state.

My victory strategy was simple - development cards and build cities. I got an early city on the board and let's just say it spiraled out of control from there. Thanks to my many development cards, the other players couldn't keep the robber on me and I made sure to shut down any wood production, using the theory, "If I can't have it, nobody can."

At one point, several wood producing numbers were rolled in a row. I noted that players were holding it so I used my monopoly and got a huge wood infusion. I quickly rolled out roads and a new settlement. A quick turn or two around the board and I was looking at my new city.

I drew one victory point and with the largest army I found myself on the cusp of victory with nine points. It didn't take long to build that last settlement and clinch the victory.

The shocking thing was the totality of my victory. Normally a Settlers game is relatively close - within a point or two. But I thrashed the rest of KGS in a way that made them vow to never play Settlers again as a group. I think the next closest person had five points and that included longest road. One poor soul still only had two points.

While I always love a good Settlers game, defeating the great gamers of KGS so completely was perhaps my greatest Settlers victory ever.

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