Monday, September 3, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG: Retractable Blaster

Marvel Super Hero Squad's new Hero's Destiny has a ton of great all-new cards and 1LR continues to bring them all to you!
Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG:
Hero's Destiny
Retractable Blaster

Retractable Blaster is a Warmachine keeper with a power level of five that does up to two initial damage. This grey card has a orange block. Once it is a keeper, it does one damage a round, just like Iron Man's "Repulsor Rays."

The big difference between the two is that when Retractable Blaster misfires it returns to your hand. This is HUGE.

First, it means that the only ways your opponent can get rid of this card once it is in your hand is to block if from their hand when it is being played or cause you to discard it. This makes this card extremely persistent. If your opponent blocks this card from their hand when it is already in play, causing it to misfire and return to your hand, it is doubtful that they would have another grey block to prevent you from replaying it and putting it right back into play that very round.

Secondly, the "boomerang" aspect of this card acts kinda like healing, kinda like card draw, and kinda like Spider-Man's "You Can Count On Me." By coming back to your hand instead of your deck this card adds an additional card to your hand (remember, you're still going to draw a card on your turn). This gives you an additional block - one your opponent knows you have so it might act as a bit of deterrent or, the opposite, it might bait your opponent into playing an orange card hoping you'd block with Retractable Blaster.

This card is a solid lock for a grey keeper deck. While not all of the cards are realized yet in the physical game, the online version has a plethora of great grey keepers such as "Repulsor Rays," "Boomcannon," "Shoulder Cannon," "Arms Race," "Iron Gardener," "Nucleons Going Critical," "Time Bomb," "Crushbot Crew," "Fragile Boombot," and "Stolen Technology," to name some of them. With the threat of this many grey keepers crushing down round after round surely any deck's grey blocks will be quickly exhausted, leaving them vulnerable.

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