Saturday, September 8, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG: Claws of the Hunters

1LR is still bringing you great new cards from the Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG's new expansion, Hero's Destiny!
Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG
Hero's Destiny:
Claws of the Hunters

Claws of the Hunters is simple and straightforward. No special abilities except the ability to deal out a ton of damage. It's a level 13 dual power icon card that's both red and grey. It features Reptil and the Black Panther and can do up with 13 damage. It also has an orange block. It's a Super Rare.

This is the Black Panther's Avenger response to Storm's X-Men Card, Fast as Lightning. It's essentially the same card but with different colors, block, characters and team affiliation. So if you're looking for a heavy hitter to put into an Avengers deck, Storm/Black Panther deck or just a dual attack icon deck, you could do far worse than Claws of the Hunters. Essentially, if your opponent actually allows the power to get to 13 your chances of winning dramatically increase with this bad boy.

And the great thing is that Avengers cards have THREE cards that can boost your power for this card. True Power raises your power by one, period. Avengers Courage raises your power by one for all Avengers cards. Finally, Cold Fusion raises your power for all green and grey cards. So with the help of these keepers you have really great chances of playing Claws of the Hunters. Your poor opponent.

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