Thursday, September 20, 2012

Geek Gear: Fat Tony Figure

Fat Tony the Tiger
This item caught my attention just for its sheer audacity. Fat Tony the Tiger speaks to me on so many levels. It manages to be a parody, social commentary, and a toy at the same time.

Everyone knows that sugary cereals have put a toy in the box for years to entice children into demanding that particular cereal. So to make a toy that points out just how fattening these cereals are is just brilliant.

But then to specifically target Tony the Tiger is beyond brilliant because Tony is often showed succeeding in a variety of athletic endeavors. This implies that if  you eat Frosted Flakes you'll be able to slam dunk and run a marathon. It is doubtful that Olympic level athletes consider Frosted Flakes to be a good part of a diet for serious athletes.

Then look at the box it comes in. Free Ritalin inside! Killkidds, not "Kellogg's!" "A Ton of Tiger with a Short Shelf Life!" Heh. Now that's funny.

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