Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG: Never Give Up

The Super Hero Squad TCG's new set, Hero's Destiny, has a ton of great all-new cards and 1LR continues to examine them one at a time.
Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG
Hero's Destiny:
Never Give Up

Never Give Up is a red card at power level 6 that does up to 2 damage. It has a grey block. When it does at least two damage it becomes a keeper that allows you to draw a card every time your opponent blocks an X-Men attack from your hand.

This draw ability is simply fabulous. In an all-X-Men deck this could cause you to draw quite a few extra cards, giving you the hand-size advantage and tipping the scales in your favor. I mean, think about it. Every time your opponent's hand gets smaller by one card your hand gets larger by one card. It won't take long before that advantage lets you break the game wide open.

What's great about this keeper is that it will never misfire because it doesn't do any damage. Thus, if you opponent wants to get rid of it they have to specifically target it with keeper removal. Since you'll have extra cards in your hand, the chances that you'll be able to block any attempt at removing this keeper increases dramatically.

This card works brilliantly with chaining X-Men cards. Whisk on the Winds is particularly good. First, the extra draws increase the odds of giving you a good chain. Secondly, your opponent stopping the chain just feeds the fire. Thirdly, there's a chance you'll be able to get in a few good licks before your opponent blocks, thus doing damage AND drawing a second card. Astonishing!

In the endgame, this card puts your opponent in a lose-lose situation - either let massive damage through or allow your opponent to draw another critical card.

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