Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Geek Gear: Tiger Cologne, Black Widow Perfume

Black Widow Perfume (for Women)
Tiger Cologne (for Men)
These two items speak for themselves. Comic books have now officially been integrated into everything. They even have a car called "Avenger." Surely these two fragrances are the first two comic book-inspired scents.

Tiger is a cologne for men featuring the iconic first image of Miss Mary Jane Watson saying, "Face it tiger... You just hit the Jackpot!" If this was from the movie Anchorman they would say it was made with chunks of real tiger. As it is, the solicitation describes it as "elegant and very masculine" and "It just seems to tingle all over." Well, 1LR would advise against putting Tiger cologne ALL over.

BLack Widow is a perfume for women. Now I'd be worried if my wife actually owned this. I don't want her to romance the notion of being a widow! The solicitation for this perfume frankly just sounds gross, describing the scent of the perfume as "A spider spindling silently from above," and saying it is for, "Those who can navigate the high-tension tightrope of love and duty." What duty are they talking about exactly? I don't want to know.

So while 1LR applauds the inventiveness behind these two fragrances, we question the marketing department's choice of words. They could have just said, "Hey geeks - take a shower, shave, and put on some cologne. Women like Mary Jane will like you more!" They probably would have sold more bottles that way. Just sayin'.

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