Sunday, April 1, 2012

President Obama - Closet Gamer!

We've known for some time that President Obama is a fan of comic books, particularly Spider-Man. It was his affinity for the character that lead to Marvel have the president meet Spider-Man in a comic book story a few years ago.
But in breaking news, Obama made some startling revelations yesterday at a stop in New York. He was greeting fans and onlookers after giving a speech when someone from the crowd asked him, "What games do you like to play?" The president responded with a broad grin and shook his head. "Man, I used to sling some dice back in the day," he said. The man asked Obama what he meant and Obama said, "Roleplaying Games! I remember a thirteenth level dwarven cleric I had that was really something special." 
The crowd was shocked and somebody yelled out, "What about Settlers of Catan?" The president pointed into the crowd and said, "Let's just say I know my way around that island!" 

This could be election-year pandering but Obama's references included some insider jargon and knowledge that someone who wasn't a gamer wouldn't have. Could it be that Obama has continued roleplaying in the White House? If so, this would be a first in American history.

I wish the president would be more forthcoming about his gaming habits. A public endorsement from him could do quite a bit to improve the public's awareness of the hobby.

No word on the gaming credentials of an of the president's Republican challengers.

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