Saturday, April 21, 2012

Marvel Media Mania: Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers

Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers is a 2011 Marvel motion comic based on the 2004 comic book mini-series. It comes in four parts.

Blood Brothers is a character study of Loki. The story focuses on a time when Loki gets his every wish - he is the ruler of Asgard and has defeated Thor. But he quickly finds that obtaining his desires isn't what he had hoped it would be for he has still failed to conquer his own faults.

There is very little action in the story. Loki goes from cell to cell visiting Thor's friends to try and gain the evidence he needs to put Thor to death. Along the way, he encounters a number of allies as well. Each encounter fails to go the way Loki would intend as each character matches wits with Loki. There are some interesting exchanges and wars of wits but for the most part these dialogues fail to produce notable moments. Additionally, because the film is so dialogue heavy it makes the scenes much more static. This worsens the effect of the motion comic being essentially a gussied-up slide show.

While the art is beautiful, it would have been better to have a fully CGI animation version of the story. The motion comic concept shows some promise,but results to date pale when compared to traditional styled animation. There are several iconic images in this film such as Thor on his knees, broken and in restrains and Loki sitting on the throne, clearly burdened by his new position. But these images are better appreciated in their original format where the viewer is not whisked away by the movement of the story but can take the time to absorb the magnificence of the art.

1LR Review - 11 out of 20 - It's a Glancing Hit!

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