Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gaming Notes: Monsterpocalypse

I have been chomping at the bit for quite awhile to try out Monsterpocalypse but I never had the opportunity until recently. Elliott recently taught me how to play and I liked it.
I played the Defender X Guard Protectors and Elliott played the Gorgahydra Destroyer Planet Eaters. The goal of the game is to destroy your enemy's big bad monster. 

Elliott and I quickly swarmed one another killing off some of our more minor monster units. I saw a window of opportunity and struck at his Gorgahydra Destroyer with a small army of minions. In response, his big monster had to transform into its second, more powerful form. Elliott went on the offensive and my own monster had to fall back to its second form as well. Ultimately, my swarm of smaller units overwhelmed Gorgahydra Destroyer and I was victorious!

I liked the gameplay. The resolution system is easy and it works. The game pieces are brilliant! They look really awesome! Still, I'd like to try it out just doing one giant vs another like in the old Godzilla movies.

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