Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gaming Notes: AD&D 1e (OSRIC) #6

The conlclusion!

When last we left our heroes, we had dragged our sorry bodies back to the town with our dead cleric in tow. We healed up, the cleric was resurrected but sidelined for the duration, and we headed back into the Caves of Chaos!

This time we were joined by some men at arms, one of which had experience in the caves. A report had come in right before our return that the Drow with the Staff of La had encountered a garrison on his way to the Caves of Chaos and decimated their forces! We made haste to stop he evil plans!

Upon entering the caves, the gong sounded for the first time. We raced toward the sound of chanting. As we entered the cavern with the portal in it, we saw the Drow strike the gong a second time with the Staff of La and a massive demon came through the portal of chaos! One more strike and the gate would be fully open and hordes of evil would come pouring forth!

We rushed to engaged the Drow while the men at arms held the demon at bay, laying down their lives in the process! Skeletons and zombies came pouring through the portal! At one point, I must admit, the prospects of success looked pretty grim. Along the way the druid's dog, Mangy, whom he had charmed into obedience, made the ultimate sacrifice as did many fighter NPCs.
The ranger was the one to land the killing blow on the Drow, ending the threat. The barbarian quickly picked up the Staff and smashed it (earning thousands of experience in the process!) while I bravely rushed the demon. Eventually, we subdued all of the evil forces and the portal was closed.

Our brave heroes stood in triumph!

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