Sunday, April 1, 2012

Geek Gear: Lightsaber Bread Knife

While a full-blown lightsaber is probably years away, Four-One Designs announced recently that they've moved into production with "Lightsaber Bread Knives." You hear right - Lightsaber technology put to a practical use!

This technological wonder doesn't operate QUITE like it's science-fictional daddy, however. There is a physical blade that is specially designed with space aged materials so it can hold a super-science polymer that, when exposed to electrical current, acts quite a lot like a lightsaber. These knives are set to be able to cut through steel pipes! 

Needless to say, Four-One Designs is hard at work making cutting boards that are lightsaber resistant.

The price for the initial offering of one of these bad boys is $149.99. You can order here. Supplies are limited!

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