Sunday, April 8, 2012

1LR Eclipses KGS Pageviews

One Lost Road has reached a milestone - we've eclipsed The Keystone Gaming Society in pageviews!
Why is this a milestone? Because 1LR was inspired by KGS. To eclipse them is like outdoing a mentor. Currently, KGS has 21,306 views while 1LR has 22,292. =)

Now, to be fair, KGS has had to restart their website twice and lost probably about 3,000 or so pageviews in the process. But 1LR has only been around since July, 2011 and KGS has been around since July, 2010 - a whole year more!

1LR wishes KGS the best in their future endeavors and wants to see more podcasts from that group! You can give them some love at

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