Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dead-Pooh Comic Book

Everyone knows the ubiquitous Deadpool by now. He's everywhere. He's in every comic.
Deadpool is a spoof on actual superheroes. What makes him work is he points out the ridiculousness of superheroes and the comic book medium in general. 

So what do you call a spoof of a spoof? Dead-Pooh. That's right - Winnie the Pooh reimagined as Deadpool. 
So this leads me to think... what other mashups can we come up with? Here are my initial offerings:

Bugs Bunny + Batman = Batbunny

Popeye + Hulk = Hulkeye

Smurfs + Marvel Mutants = X-Smurfs

... Hmm... I guess that last one really wasn't so different after all.

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