Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pac-Man MMO Announced

Awesome! It was just announced at the Pac-Man Con that the Pac-Man MMO is set to launch later this month!

Rumor has it that the graphics may have been upgraded to 8 bit! Some fans has been upset at this news, saying that it isn't, "true to the source material," but I don't think they went far enough. Why stop at 8 bit? Why not 16? This is the new millennium, after all.

There are going to be plenty of options in the game. You can play a boy yellow circle, a girl yellow circle (it's said that bow colors are unlockable), or a baby yellow circle. 
As for action, you can eat, eat, eat, and eat some more! Pellets, fruit, power pellets, keys, bells, ghosts, and pretty much anything else. This game is a dream come true for the obese and/or nostalgic. 

I can't wait to plunk down my $39.95 a month for this vintage regenesis! It's a great, big Pac-Man world and I'm ready to eat it all!

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