Saturday, July 28, 2012

What the Heck, Margaret Weis Productions? Where's My Marvel?

Have you seen this book?
Okay, I understand delays in production schedules, etc. but Margaret Weis has REALLY dropped the ball on the Marvel Heroic RPG. Their initial launch was greeted with much fanfare and accolades. Sure, isn't not a perfect product but they quickly responded to the thoughts of the fans by having some free downloads such as an example of play and a random character generator.

Since then they've solicited about eight books or so and have released... nothing. What the heck? I want my Marvel RPG! I'm afraid that any good will and momentum they initially built is now gone. It's been MONTHS since these books were solicited. Where are they? What's the holdup? The Margaret Weis Productions website is silent, giving no explanation.

I hope they're not planning on releasing a whole bunch of books all at once or even one right after another. I don't know about you but I budget for these things and I can't afford to buy six Marvel RPG books in a single month!

So let's get on the ball, Margaret Weis Productions! Start getting books out and then keep to a schedule! Or, if you have some really good reasons for the delays, at least let the fans know what they are. We understand that publishing is a tricky business and we're willing to extend some grace. But we won't be taken for granted and we don't forgive endless delays.


  1. Actually, the Civil War Event book is available for purchase on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG -- they have been there for a while now. I already have my copy (was June 22 download, according to my file) and my gaming group has been playing it for three game sessions already.

    The printed edition is due out any day now.

    They won't all come out the same month. Annihilation is supposed to come out in August or September if memory serves me. The smaller Civil War supplements are due out at least a month or so after the Civil War Event book.

    There are two versions of each event book. If you already own the paperback RPG core book (operations manual) that came out earlier this year, you only need to buy the Essentials version. But, if you didn't buy the core book (which retails for $19.99), you can buy the Premium Event Book, which includes the core rules (this saves you $10).

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

      The fact that the PDF editions were available before the paper versions only makes it worse for those of us that actually preordered these books from a Friendly Local Game Store.

      Bottom line for me - MWP squandered a lot of momentum they had, ultimately hurting their sales, no doubt. I'm a huge fan of Marvel RPGs and I want to see this one succeed. It's hard to accept that book #2 was months late... not how anybody wanted to see the line go. Hopefully not a hint at future events...