Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Comic Book Diaries (Movie Review)

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat: The Comic Book Diaries is a bad movie. Horrible in many ways. Acting, costumes, lighting, composition, script... they're all lacking.

But I'm not going to rip the film. It was made for somewhere around $7,000. That's impressive in and of itself. I've got to say that given that budget and my artistic ability I couldn't make this film. I find it to be impressive whenever ultra-low budget filmmakers create a finished produce with any merit whatsoever.

The general storyline is that comic book store co-owners are struggling to keep their business afloat at great personal cost. Then they have a stroke of "luck" (a once-popular comic book artist dies in their store after a book signing) that turns it around for their store.

And while this film fails in every aspect a film is measured by, I give the filmmakers credit for their artistic aspirations. Scenes are introduced by a still frame sketched out like a black and white comic book. The title sequence was done by flipping through comic book boards with the names of the creators on them. Pretty clever in fitting with the theme of the movie.

Oh, but I must mention that there's not even an actual diary (let along DIARIES) in the film, making the title a misnomer.

1LR REVIEW - 4 out of 20 (but it has the heart of an 12)! It's a Total Failure!

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