Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gaming Notes: Kittens in a Blender

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Awhile ago, I gave a first look at the new card game, Kittens in a Blender. What an odd concept for a game. You're trying to save your kittens while destroying your opponents' cats. To me, it seemed like a "concept game" that would fall flat when you actually tried to play it.

Well, recently, I got the chance to play it with my friend Sam. I was surprised - it is actually a very fun game.

First, it's easy to set up and, surprisingly, even the top and the bottom of the box is used during game play! The cards are well designed. But the absolute best are the kittens themselves. They're brilliantly illustrated and each one is given a all-too-cute name that makes you want to destroy and/or protect them such as Ham Sandwich and Scratches.

Throughout the game, you place kittens in one of three locations, move kittens around, or blend kittens up. There are other actions cards as well. I was surprised how much strategy there was in deciding when you put your kittens or your opponents kittens into play and when to move them.

I ended up winning. In the end, Sam unwisely switched hands with me when his entire hand was Blend cards.  I giddily blended his entire mewing clowder of cats.

Milkshake, anyone?

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