Friday, July 13, 2012

Marvel Superhero Squad TCG: Set Lists Online

Arctic Iron Man
If you're a fan of the Marvel Super Hero Squad card game - either the digital one online or the real-world cards - then you've got to check out this link: Isawan send this to me and it is simply great.

The Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Wiki has tons of great information and I use it all of the time for a reference. But this little gem is pretty well hidden.

What it gives you is a sortable list of every card from the real and digital sets. The listings give you every piece of information you could possibly want for each card including complete card texts.

White Phoenix
But here's the REALLY awesome thing. I don't know how the folks at Super Hero Squad Online Wiki got their advanced information but they have the card list for the upcoming Hero's Destiny release! To filter the cards to see only the 130 core cards from the expansion (without the 4 loot cards, that is) change "UD Set" to "2" (UD Set stands for Upper Deck Set).

What's amazing is that the MSHS WIki folks have cards listed for Upper Deck sets 3 and 4 as well! These lists don't look complete and I'm sure they'll do a lot of updating in the coming months. They have UD 5 listed but that only has loot cards in it... perhaps some of the loot cards that are scheduled to come out in set 2, 3, or 4 but they don't know where to put them. If so, we're in store for two more ultra-rare playable characters for the online game: White Phoenix and Arctic Iron Man!

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