Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Marvel Superhero Squad TCG: More Card Printing Errors

Previously, 1LR had noted two card printing errors in the Marvel Superhero Squad Trading Card Game: The cards "Little Surprise" and "Hulkbusted!" both contained obvious errors. You can read about them here. 1LR reader Isawan has graciously pointed out two more errors.

The first is the Blade card Drain Life. The paper copy shows two purple attack icons when it should only have one. Big difference because you're healing one card for each damage you do!

Paper copy with error
Digital copy with correct attack value.

The second is the Silver Surfer card, Crowd Surfing. I believe this card may not have a digital counterpart. The error is in the keeper power. It reads, "2--> Your opponent can't play attacks of level 4 or less." Since you destroy this card at the end of your opponent's turn, if you played this card strictly by how it is written it would be worthless as a keeper because you'd destroy it before you every had a chance to do more damage and activate the power. Also, in most keepers that are damaged activated they read, "When you do at least two damage," not, "2-->." 

So this card's ability is activated by it becoming a keeper, not by additional damage.
Paper copy with error.
1LR would like to extend a special thank you to Isawan for sharing these errors! If anyone else finds any additional errors in the game, please let me know and I'll get the word out! Thanks!

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  1. You are welcome!I enjoy reading your blog as i'm a big marvel fan and also SHSO, especially the card game! love it! and there isn't many blogs out there that discuss about SHS TCG. When I find out more news concerning SHS, I'll keep you posted.