Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1LR Midnight Movie: Amazing Spider-Man - Fanboy Reactions

Obviously the coolest
group of girls there.
Classic Spidey... nice!
Fans were pumped before the show. I saw quite a few people with Spidey T-shirts on but nobody dressed in full costume. The crowd was large for the midnight show - Larger than what I saw for the Avengers, actually, but smaller than Harry Potter 7 or a Star Wars film. I've included pictures from tonight's show in this post.

So, how did fans react both during and after the Midnight showing of Amazing Spider-Man? During the show, I could tell that the audience was along for the ride. There were collective gasps and "Whoas!" as the movie progressed. The film was much more series and stark than previous incarnations and it lacked funny reaction moments.

After the show, I eavesdropped on several conversations about the movie. Generally, fans were pleased with the film. I heard a number of wives/girlfriends asking their geek husbands to explain a little bit more about the comics behind the characters.
The family that enjoys Spidey together, stays together!
Spider-Sense... tingling!

I dug the black-and-red Spidey effects on this shirt!
Spidey fans showed up in droves.
Proud Spidey fan!
Cool Spidey shirt!

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