Friday, July 20, 2012

1LR Midnight Movie- Dark Knight Rises - Fanboy Reactions

Ultra Batman Fans!
We all know who comes to midnight shows: The Ultra Fans. And let's just say the Ultra Fans were pumped.

When I first arrived at the theater twenty five minutes early I noticed that the parking lot was PACKED. I had to park at the nearby grocery store! I had already purchased tickets and when I got into the theater I realized I was going to have to sit in the front row! There were a TON of people dressed up for the event. A bunch of them wore Batman T-shirts and the like but a few brave fans dressed up in character. I noticed some of those cheap plastic Batman masks they sell at Target and the like. Planet X comics showed up to hand out free comics and discount coupons which was cool (but they only gave them to the fans in the DBOX seats... Booo! Where were they for Amazing Spider-Man?).

During the movie, the fans were mostly silent. There really aren't very many reaction shots in the film. Twice the audience laughed at truly funny moments in the film. The surprise twist got a reaction from the crowd and the ending of the film really got the fans pumped. They applauded when the film was over but booed when there was no post-credit scene.

After the show, I eavesdropped on several conversations. The general consensus I heard was that everyone enjoyed it, just not as much as the first film. People thought Bane was a good villain, just not as good as the Joker. People loved the ending and the surprise twist. I heard a bit of nitpickery on plot details but nothing too serious.

Overall, Fanboys were pleased and if you enjoyed the first two films I think you'll enjoy this one as well.

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