Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG: Second Set - Hero's Destiny

One of the cards from Hero's Destiny.
Upper Deck has solicited the second card release for the Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game - Hero's Destiny. It is set to release on August 16, 2012. You can preorder it here.

The set is suppose to be 130 cards but, as with the last set, it is actually 134 cards... the 130 does not include the four "loot" cards. The card breakdown is 42 common cards, 42 uncommon cards, 36 rare cards, and

10 super rare cards. 46 rare or super rare cards seems to be a bit much for a 130 card set to me. That's over 1/3!

Anyway, some of the cards from the set will be the same as their digital counterparts such as the Black Panther card, Mysteries of Vibranium and Warmachine's Boomcannon.

I can't wait to get my hands on this second wave of MSHS TCG cards!

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