Monday, January 16, 2012

King of Toyko - Gaming Notes #5

I just can't get enough of King of Tokyo. After wrapping Star Wars D6 the other night, we had a few minutes so out came this great game.

I was the Alienoid (my second favorite character)
The Bryan was Cyber Bunny
Dave was the Kraken
and Sam was Gigazaur

Honestly, it was a pretty domesticated game. Much different from the other games I've played, perhaps because only four players played, not more.

Bryan set the pace early by gaining points by the bucketload on his first turn and continuing to pile them on turn after turn. I played the typical elimination-style play with little effect.

Ultimately, nobody was eliminated at all and Bryan rolled an amazing five threes in one round to win the game by points. I was impressed! But the horrible part was that he didn't even let us have a rematch, deciding to walk away the winner!

Oh well, I'm always happy to see the Cyber Bunny win...

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