Monday, January 30, 2012

Geek Gear: How to Build Castles

This isn't a gaming supplement designed for gamers but rather kids. I saw my nephew playing with the Spanish version of this toy - Como Armar Castillos recently and was intrigued.  How to Build Castles is made by Klutz. Here's the write-up from Amazon:

How to Build Castles comes with a deck of 58 beautifully illustrated laminated leaves, perforated to break into 150 cards in four different shapes. Every card is notched to fit neatly and securely with every other card. Assemble the cards any way you want to create freestanding fantasy fortresses. The book gives specific guidelines for creating walls, floors, roofs, towers, spires, bridges and other architectural elements, along with inspirational photos of some of the zillion variations possible. Altogether, there are enough cards in one deck to build a small village or one satisfyingly towering castle big enough to cover a school desk.

Comes With: 58 perforated leaves that break into 158 building cards, a custom-molded knight figurine

You can get this thing pretty cheap online (check out Amazon... about 8 bucks!). It can be used to build fully 3D buildings for your roleplaying figures to navigate their way through. The knight show comes with the set and is much larger than the typical mini.

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