Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gaming Notes: AD&D 1e (OSRIC) #1

In grand 1st Edition Dungeons and Dragons tradition, the party assembled in a tavern.
Also in grand 1e D&D tradition, two of our players forgot their character sheets! D'oh, Sam and John! We pressed on, undeterred.

The small village is called Rashtan and the paladin, Mathias Masterson, met a ranger, barbarian, and druid in the tavern. Mathias was sent from his order to find if there is an ancient city in the Forest of Spines (which is nearby Rashtan) and also to find out if the rumors of a new type of goblin thought to be in the area are true.

In conversation in the tavern, we discovered that the town was having a little of its own trouble. Petty thefts had been happening and two villagers had gone missing. A local, Jacobi, of course attracted by Mathias's shining personality, offered to assist us.

The party initially set out, asking questions here and there. We encounter the Sheriff, whom I have much respect for. Our searching came to naught until the ranger thought to look into the city's well, which was reported to be haunted.

Down the well we found a passage. We fought some dreadful rats and then a large toad. How curious! I wonder where this passage could lead?

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