Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gear Gear: Table of Catan

This idea was sent in from John C...

I'm a huge Settlers of Catan fan so when John C sent me this link (tableofcatan.com) I couldn't resist checking it out.

Table of Catan!
The Table of Catan is a table with the catan game board build into the table. Sounds pretty cool but... who would buy this? The oak table retails for just under $400. That's a lot of Catan! Doesn't a card table for $10 work just as well? I mean, it might be cool to have if you're super rich but I could think of plenty of ways to spend $400 that don't involve a table specifically designed to play a $40 game on. What about Seafarers or Cities and Knights (or other variants)? They don't fit nicely into this table, apparently.

Good idea, but I wonder how many of these they've actually sold. You've got to REALLY, REALLY love Catan to purchase this table. So, John, invite me over when you buy one so I can play on it.

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