Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reporting From The Renew Community Church Game Night

I just got back from the RCC game night. I thought it was a lot of fun! The gentlemen from KGS ran the games Fluxx, Axis and Allies Miniatures, Pass the Pigs, Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, and Word on the Street.

The turnout was light but everyone had a good time. Many of the non-KGS folks who showed up were novice gamers who were trying the games for the first time ever. Word on the Street seemed to be the most popular game of the evening. Here are some pictures from the event:

Brett shows Cindi, Kevin, Ben, and Anna how to play Ticket to Ride.

Ticket to Ride... Did black block green?

Pass the Pigs... not the best angle.

Chris teaches Christi how to play Word on the Street with Brett and Anna.

The early stages of Carcassonne.

Bryan gives Carcassonne a thumb's up while Sam, Cindi, and Kevin look on.

Jarred was quite proud of his high score in this game of Pass the Pigs.
Sam teaches John, Jan, and Lauren how to play Carcassonne.

Oh, how Carcassonne grew...

Bryan lays out the rules of war in Axis and Allies miniatures for Cindi and Kevin while Ben watches.

Dice! Dice! I must conquer!

Michael and Jarred just HAD to rematch after Jarred beat Michael the first time.

Word on the Street played until all of the letters are used. I guess Michael got his revenge.
This was the first time I myself had played Fluxx and Word on the Street. I thought both were good games and I could see adding either or both of them to my gaming collection.

If you think the people above look like they're having a good time, you can check out Renew Community Church in York, PA at

Comic Store West and Keystone Gaming Society both sponsored this event. You can check them out at and A special thank you to both organizations!

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