Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gaming Notes: Stars Without Number

The fellas at Keystone Gaming Society and I recently created Stars Without Number characters. 
I've got to say - I was impressed with the simplicity of the character creation process.

First, the stats are intimately familiar for anyone who roleplays - they are exactly the same as D&D. 

Secondly, there are only three character classes - the Warrior, Psychic, and Expert. Each of these can then be modified with backgrounds and training packages. So even though Bryan and I both chose Warriors with the same background, our training packages, equipment purchases, and skill specializations made our characters very different from one another.

All told, we had four characters made in about 45 minutes. That's impressive.

I'm intrigued to play the system. If the game players and easily and smoothly as character generation, it'll be a winner. 

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