Saturday, February 18, 2012

1st Edition Dungeons and Dragons Re-released!

I'm elbow deep in 1e D&D right now and loving it. Wizards is re-releasing the core rulebooks for first edition to raise money for the Gary Gygax Memorial Fund which is trying to build a statue in his honor. These books are "premium" books and have a new cover on them.

I applaud Wizard's efforts on the behalf of Gary Gygax. Ultimately, anything that keeps the history of Dungeons and Dragons alive is good in my book. There's just a small problem - the price! The core rulebooks together cost more than the same books in 4th edition! There are two ways to get this same material much cheaper - eBay and Osric (two LEGAL options, that is).
Check out the books are Wizard's release statement here. I hope the project is a success for them and for Gary's fund.

Thanks to Sam for bringing this to my attention!

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