Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Comic Book Pajama Party Review

I recently watched a "documentary" called Comic Book Pajama Party. The concept is a bunch of female comic book fans getting together to talk about comics and geeky things in general.

I realize this movie was made on probably no budget at all but this thing looks truly horrible. The production value is almost zero. At times the picture looks very pixelated. The sound is horrible, the graphics and transitions are dreadful, the lighting at times is even bad, and even the way the movie was edited is a distraction. This "documentary" was unscripted but even so they could have used some of the production values used in, say, a reality TV show. Basically what you end up with is the same thing you and your buds would get if you used your home video camera to record a get together and then edited it with the free software on your laptop.

I was interested to see what insights the movie would provide into the psyche of the female comic book fan. While they discussed the various anatomical features of male and female superheroes extensively, insights were few and far between. Basically, I walked away with the message that female fans are exactly like male fans only more concerned with how "unrealistic" the females drawn in comic books are.

1LR Review: 5 out of 20 - It's a Failure!

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