Thursday, November 8, 2012

Super Hero Squad Online: Identity Crisis

My Squad's Hero
One of the unique things about Super Hero Squad Online is that you can't choose your squad name. Instead, it's randomly generated. Common words like Invisible, Astral, Tornado, etc. are placed together in a random order. Sometimes, some folks get a cool name like The Punishing Lawyer. Sometimes, folks get names that don't even make sense such as Volcanic Torch Manatee.

Recently, the SHS enthusiasts over at Comic Books Resources put together a contest. Come up with a story to explain your wacky squad name! If you do, they award you with a personalized picture of your squad's hero. I entered the picture in this post is the rest. Pretty good, I would say! The first block was actually blank... me in my "invisible state."

The entries will be voted on and the winner will receive a gold card for in-game. Pretty sweet!

You can check out all of the entries at


  1. Glad you like the picture, and thanks for the mention.
    -Juggler Emperor

    1. No problem! For me personally that element of competition really makes things fun. And as fun as SHSO is, it lacks that interaction dimension so I'm glad that there's a community outside the game.