Friday, November 2, 2012

First Impression: Superbia #1

Superbia #1
Superbia is a new comic that explores an interesting concept. What do the spouses of superheroes do all day long while their husbands are out saving the world?

I find the topic to be particularly relevant because DC and Marvel have no idea what to do with a married superhero. Spider-Man was notoriously un-never-married in the One More Day storyline. Superman's marriage got the continuity axe with 52. To me, it speaks very poorly of the creative talent at these companies that they simply can't figure out how to write a married superhero.

Perhaps they should let Grace Randolph write for them.

In this series, there are Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman archetypes, all of which are married. But what would it be like to be Superman's spouse REALLY? He's a man that's so powerful he could have literally anything he wanted. And how would you feel if your husband was running around town with a hot young female sidekick?

Check out Supurbia if for no other reason than to get an dynamic analysis of the lives of superheroes. And I'm betting it's a pretty darn good story as well.

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