Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gaming Notes: Moto Grand Prix #3

Moto Grand Prix
I got to play in a six player game of Moto Grand Prix the other day. It was quite exciting! Each of us had two bikes in the race.

The entire first lap the bikes continued to bunch up, not flatten out into a long drafting line. The track set up may have had much to do with this as it had several brutal corner exchanges. Over the course of the race there were several cases where the leaders found themselves coming out of a 3 or 2 corner with a five, six or seven on the dice. Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Welcome to fourth place!

I could never seen to get ahead. I always hung around third or fourth place and that's where I finished despite grinding my engine down six times (the maximum).

The race featured a large number of burnouts with only one player, Jarred, finishing with both of his bikes!

In a highly competitive race, Kevin was the victor, Sam came in second, and I took third. Although in points, Jarred was the overall victor because his "team" finished both of his bikes.

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