Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Halloween Theme

Just like last year, the Marvel Super Hero Squad has uploaded a Halloween theme. It changes two zones - The Daily Bugle and The Baxter Plaza. Enjoy!
Photo: Heroes don't scare easily, do you? Test out your fear meter with our newly added Halloween event!
The announcement
You can give your hero a Frankenstein head...
...or a pumpkin head...
...or a witch head...
... or a mummy head...
...or an alien head!
Dr. Strange's house is added including a pumpin patch...
...and a graveyard...
... and an interior featuring two staircases, a library, and a chair...
...that turns you into a ghost!
The coolest feature is probably this little cat, however.
The black cat replaces the usual robber in the Daily Bugle zone.
What's cool is that he isn't always found in the same place
like the rest of the chaseable heroes.
There are also plenty of Halloween decorations up all over!
That coffin has a mummy that springs out at you when you walk past.
I'm not sure what a wrecked truck carrying toxic waste has to do with Halloween.
Perhaps it is the cause of the zombies...?
Only problem is that the zombies never showed up in game!
In the Baxter Plaza there is a creepy fog everywhere.
Also, there appears to be some general looting
with overturned trash cans and the like.

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