Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Card Tournament

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Card Game
As great as the card game for the Marvel Super Hero Squad Online game is, it is lacking a few key components. One is a ranking system. You really don't know how you are doing compared to other players in terms of skill and ability.

That's why I've so appreciated the efforts of Astral Tornado Mariner from the Comic Book Resources forums to organize a card tournament. His creative idea is to have players collect the Infinity Gems. Each player starts out with one gem and wins additional gems as they challenge other players. The four players that get all five gems first will move on to the finals.

So far, I've played four games.

My first game was against The Punishing Lawyer. It was a good card game but I easily came out on top.

I strutted into my second contest against Smashing Clown Juggler. It was a VERY close game that came down to a single card. VTM got a lucky block (literally) and won with one card left. I don't feel that badly about that, however, because he got eliminated directly after our game.

My third card game was against Volcanic Torch Manatee. I completely whipped him, having 3/4 of my deck left in tact at the end of the match. This took me back to ownership of two gems. Manatee broke a cardinal rule of tournament play and blabbed my deck concept and composition to the other players.

So I  wasn't surprised when I lost my fourth game to Fighting Raven since she knew what colors I had. Still, it was incredibly close and I uncharacteristically blew a huge lead. It's a small comfort to me knowing that all of the other people I've played have been eliminated from the tourney. Playing me is a kiss of death even if you win!

I still have one gem and I'm waiting on Bright Breaking Ghost to respond to my challenge. We both have one gem so one of us will be eliminated when we clash! I can't wait! I'll keep you updated on the tournament progress.

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